Phone Dev Reference - My WP App

After some time working on the project, my first Windows Phone 8 app is finally published on November 27, the app name is Phone Dev Reference, and here is the description:
Phone Dev Reference icon
"A quick reference for developers to see the phone controls in live action and how to create them. The app is not intended to be a step-by-step guide so you should be familiar with Windows Phone or XAML development."
The idea is a kind of reference/cheatsheet app that developers can try the phone controls and capacities right on their development phones and also see how we commonly code that. It's a good way to learn Windows Phone programming and can also serve as a quick reference if you already have experience, for sometimes there are things we have to look up again every time we need.

Phone Dev Reference screenshots

The app certification process was pretty smooth thanks to the Store Test Kit built into Visual Studio helped me caught some errors before submitting, it took about more than 3 days until I got the passed certification email from Microsoft.

The app price is $0.99 and there's a Trial mode with the restriction that you can't see CustomMessageBox, alphabet LongListSelector, and RichTextBox. I tried using ad instead of function restriction for Trial, but when I registered for real ad I realized that PubCenter hasn't supported my country yet, I also intended to try Smaato or AdMob but then I came up with this (hopefully) better idea.

You can get it here: or search for it on your phone, "dev ref" is a good keyword. (works with Windows Phone 8, it seems I added some new things only for WP8 so you can't get it on WP7)